2024 Zumunta National Scholarship: Empowering Northern Nigerian Students


The Zumunta Association is proud to announce the 2024 National Scholarship Program, dedicated to supporting undergraduate students from Northern Nigeria in their pursuit of higher education. This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering academic excellence and socio-economic development in the region.

Scholarship Overview

The Zumunta National Scholarship offers financial assistance to eligible students seeking a bachelor’s degree in various fields of study, including Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Business, Computer Science, Communications Technology, Vocational and Industrial Technology Education, and Agriculture.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must originate from one of the Nineteen Northern States or the Federal Capital Territory.
  • Must have secured admission into a degree program at a Nigerian university accredited by the National University Commission (NUC).
  • Should have a passing grade in JAMB or its equivalent, or valid WAEC results.
  • Demonstrate financial need through lack of public scholarship support or annual family income documentation.

Application Process

  • Complete the free application form available on the Zumunta website.
  • Write a two-page essay on the “Importance of your area of study to Northern Nigeria.”
  • Submit the application form along with all required documents as outlined in the selection criteria by May 31, 2024.


Q: Is there an application fee? A: No, the application form is free of charge.

Q: What documents are needed for the application? A: Along with the application form, you’ll need to submit your admission letter, JAMB/WAEC results, and evidence of financial need.

Q: How is the scholarship awarded? A: Selection is based on eligibility criteria, academic merit, and the quality of the submitted essay.

Q: Can I apply if I’m studying outside of the eligible fields? A: The scholarship is currently limited to the specified areas of study.

For more information and to apply, please visit the scholarship page. We look forward to supporting your educational journey!