Apply for the A. G. Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship Program 2024!


About the Fellowship


The A. G. Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship Program, established by the University of Oxford, is a transformative opportunity for conservation professionals. It empowers NGO, government, and business employees, as well as academic researchers, to collaborate with Oxford’s leading conservation scientists.

Fellowship Experience

Fellows enjoy a comprehensive experience, including:

  • Up to three months at Oxford for training, networking, and collaboration.
  • Time and resources to develop conservation strategies and write papers.
  • Remote support before and after the Oxford stay.

Core Aims

  • Enhance conservation skills and networks of practitioners.
  • Align Oxford research with real-world conservation needs.
  • Foster long-term partnerships for impactful conservation.

Who Should Apply?

  • Senior staff seeking strategic development opportunities.
  • Early-career professionals aiming to expand skills and networks.


Q: What does the fellowship offer? A: The fellowship offers a chance to engage with Oxford researchers, attend training courses, and develop conservation projects.

Q: How long is the fellowship? A: Fellows can spend up to three months at the University of Oxford.

Q: Who is eligible to apply? A: Employees in conservation sectors and academic researchers focused on biodiversity conservation are welcome to apply.

Q: What are the benefits of the fellowship? A: Benefits include skill-building, networking, and the opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts in your home country.

Q: How can I apply? A: For more information and to apply, visit the official webpage of the A. G. Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship Program.